Silvia Von Pock


Admiralitätstraße 75
20459 Hamburg

+49 0175 24 50 000

Silvia Von Pock

With her drinking straw blends, dyed soap skins, rubber ring portraits and staple objects, Silvia Olivia von Pock fantasizes into our consciousness. Very soft and not imperious, but differentiated and mysterious.
As if her thoughts meandered into complex rhythms, her works, characterized by irrepressible playfulness and experimentation as well as repetitive arrangements, displayed a curvy, intricate pattern.
Thin and thick-walled straws, liquid soaps, household gums, shopping bags with a career, a blown-out air mattress or kneading dough pressed by lace doilies: Layer by layer, she sensitively assembles light or elastic things and finds of daily use, adds thing to thing, collage to collage, to remove, scratch away, sift, shave, cut, scrape, or otherwise degrade; a never ending flow of persistent change and ostentatious wear.
Fragments, chunks, scraps peek out from their often fragmented work, and the more muted they look due to the harsh treatment, the more they capture our attention.
On their excursions to a place called »Mäandertal«, the repetitive happenings of manufacturing and eliminating lead to deliberately provisional “results”. Because everything under the skin of this place may be, and so nothing is fixed once and for all, except that Silvai New Year’s Eve will continue to cross the borders of the – in spite of valid research – “Mäandertal”. She’s a raver!

Silvia Olivia von Pock is currently exploring plastic drinking straws: elastic skins
are her painting. Similar to the watercolor, it mixes colors and creates lively surfaces and soft shapes. Carpet stories from straws.

From dyed liquid soaps, in which she lets swing rubber, latex, silicone, she makes frozen skins; Milky skins that look very old or very future.
There is considerable weight in these soapy plates, which boldly present themselves to the eye of the beholder, but deny him the final decipherment.

(Gilda Mempel on the occasion of the exhibition opening “Mäandertal”)