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Galerie Melike Bilir: Daniel Spoerri & Tex Rubinowitz

21 May 2019, 19:0021:00


Tarnsätze, Tex Rubinowitz

Tex Rubinowitz, an award-winning author of incredible travelogues, a gifted chronicler of absurd reality, a joker and a musician, is turning to textile art for the first time. As a passionate communicator, he provides his material with text, inspired by the aphorisms and alleged truths that were once embroidered on the fabric, and aims at the effect on the viewer. Tex ‘”Tarnsätze” work like a mental reflex test with a traitorous trap. They play with phrases that are so tapped that they would not be used in life. Under the motto “the more inconsequential and consensual, the better” they explore what arises in the brain of the beholder, only to mislead it with an outrageous twist, to create a parallel world of illogicality. In the style of a mimic the sentences disguise themselves and sneak into the subconscious. Clever camouflage turns the illogical into an untenable truth. The Exciting and Refreshing: The uncertainty of the brain when it tries to complete the trivial sentences, Tex has translated directly into his working technique with the machine. You can see the objects that work here with arbitrariness. He consciously leaves some of the output to chance and defiantly relinquishes control to the course of events!

Fadenscheinige Orakel, Daniel Spoerri

Eight years ago, the former dancer, director, publisher of magazines and visual artists Daniel Spoerri, who lives in Vienna, collected wipes from different flea markets and flea markets in Upper Austria. Originally embroidered with popular wisdom, they were to beautify homes and hearths in farmhouses. The devotion to God, the simple kitsch, the euphemistical lies and the industriousness behind the textile works evoked in him a mixture of emotion and disgust. The impulse arose to cut them apart and sort them by parts of speech. Whole piles of words like “God,” “Mary,” and “Jesus” came together. Spread out on a large table, they became his meditative puzzle place. Combination and intuition produced compositional movements: a new reality and true word avalanche. Together with his cook Silke Eggl, who incidentally turned out to be a master tailor and embroiderer, the sentences on the cloths were re-sewn and created exactly 100 “threadbare oracles” whose fateful effect on the viewer is still unexplored. A selection of them can now be seen in the gallery Melike Bilir!


21 May 2019
19:00 – 21:00
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Galerie Melike Bilir

Admiralitätstraße 71
Hinterhaus, 1.OG